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Northern Shamanism Weekend June 7-9

(The weekend-long class on Northern Tradition Shamanism is offered at my farm in Hubbardston, MA. It can also be offered on someone else's property if you email me and make arrangements.)

Walking the Nine Worlds: Northern Tradition Shamanism

Many thousands of years ago, before the first Indo-Europeans came to northern Europe, tribes of people living in a shamanic culture survived the end of the Ice Age and watched the dawning of a new era. They brought their nature spirits and their shamanic tradition into partnership with the incoming Indo-Europeans and their ascendant sky gods, and their neighbors the Saami of Finland whose shamanic tradition intermarried sporadically with theirs. Northern-tradition shamanism is the interweaving of these strands, which culminated and then faded many centuries before written documentation - and Christianity - came to that area. Today it is reviving as a spiritual practice, both through research of the remaining tiny bits of lore, and through teachings of the spirits of that cosmology. While the original northern shamans may have all died out a millennium ago, the spirits remember, even when we don't.

This workshop will bring the participants through the cosmos of the northern European ancestors, in a whirlwind tour of the Nine Worlds that encircle the great World Tree. We will visit the footsteps of the ancestral shamans, learning how to map the soul, how to sing the rune-spirits, how to commune with plant-spirits and harness their aid in healing the body, how to drum the spirit-drums, how to make our own luck, and how to walk the Eightfold Path of altered consciousness.

We will explore spinning and singing magic, learning shamanic healing theory with the aid of elves, mastering the natural elements with the help of giants, calling the beloved Dead, and touching the threads of Wyrd with the great Powers of the Nine Worlds. Finally, bringing it all back to Midgard, we will explore the role of the modern shaman or shamanic practitioner in the civilized and concrete-bound world, spanning the centuries and bringing ancient spirits forward into our current lives.

The price for this weekend is $50 per person, and requires advance registration. To register, PayPal your fee to and drop me an email at telling me who you are. Please bring your own lunch and dinner - there will be a barbecue grill available, plus a campfire, if you need it. Camping over is fine - bring a tent and your own camping equipment. If you would prefer to lodge elsewhere, please be on site by 11 am, and understand that things may go pretty late.


Short Workshops

(Available upon request by at least 3 people, or to do at gatherings/conferences)

Northern‑Tradition Shamanism

            This workshop introduces a shamanic tradition that is being slowly reconstructed by modern practitioners, based on the spiritual paths and tools of Germanic, Norse, and Anglo‑Saxon ancient tribal peoples. We'll discuss tools and techniques, Gods and spirits, roles and taboos, and the difference between a shaman and a shamanic practitioner. Come learn the shamanic traditions of my ancestors...and perhaps your own.

Northern-Tradition Herbalism

            The ancient peoples of northern Europe had a working knowledge of herbs that included not only their medicinal uses, but also partnership with the plant spirits. The early-medieval healer of northern Europe was known as the Leike, and their course of study included this style of hands-on, soul-on herbalism, as well as spells and charms for working with the plant spirits and their patron deities. We'll explore this form of medicinal and magical herbalism the way our ancestors did.

Elemental Herbal Energetics

            A “Pagan Herbalism 201” class, for those who already have some grounding in herbalism. Both herbs and physical ailments can be divided by the elements, according to energy, taste, and action. This class will discuss how to find the right herb for the job, and how to tell if it will work for the body in question. Derived from old European herbalism and some spirit-taught traditions, this will illuminate herbalism as much more than just a “cookbook” of plants.

Sex Magic in the Northern Tradition

In the Norse/Germanic cosmology, nine worlds spin around a world tree from heaven to underworld, and each has something to teach us about sexuality and sex magic. In the Northern Tradition, sex magic is a shamanic tool to raise power in many different ways, on different spectrums. Male, female or in between? Sky, roots, or Midgard=s earth? Transcendent, material, or community? Come and hear the stories of the northern Gods and their sexual magic.

The Eightfold Path of Altered States

            Spirit‑workers and magicians the world over, and all throughout time, have used a variety of methods to go into altered states. From there, they could access other worlds and touch divine forces. This class will give you a map of the eight roads to that unique place, covering methods of altered states used by all cultures, some more dangerous than others. From the Path of Rhythm to the Path of Sacred Plants to the Path of Meditation to the Ordeal Path, we'll explore them all. We will not, however, be using these methods in class; this is discussion only.

Shamanic Astrology

            Astrology is a tool not only of divination, but of spiritual understanding....but far too often, novice astrologers get swamped and confused by all those abstract symbols, strange jargon, and shallow "cookbook" descriptions. That's the "scientific" way to learn astrology....this workshop will talk about the shamanic way to learn it, which is all about understanding the myths and stories that the cosmic clock has to tell us, and how to work with them to change your life. By the author of "MythAstrology".