The Shamanic Herbal: Aegir's Herbs


(Tanacetum balsamita)

Names: Costmary, Bible Leaf
Medicinal Uses: Tea relieves upset stomach and cramps, and was once taken to ease childbirth.
Household Uses: As its name implies, alecost was used in brewing before hops were available, to clear, flavor, and preserve ale. Also a popular "strewing herb" and used to make a scented water with which to rinse linens.
Traditional Magical Uses: Peace in the home.
Shamanic Magical Uses: One of the herbs much liked by Aegir, the undersea brewer. Make ale with alecost and pour it out as a libation to him, or carry it if you are traveling on the sea.

Ground Ivy

[Ground Ivy] (Nepeta glechoma)

Names: Alehoof, Gill-Over-The-Ground, Haymaids, Hedgemaids, Lizzy-Run-Up-The-Hedge, Robin-Run-In-The-Hedge, Tunhoof
Medicinal Uses: Tonic, blood cleanser, diuretic and expectorant, used for UTIs and colds.
Household Uses: Young leaves are eaten in salads and brewed into aromatic "gill" tea.
Traditional Magical Uses: Ground ivy is used as a hex-breaker, and to discover who planted the hex. It is also used as a surrogate substance for a large body of water in magical practice.
Shamanic Magical Uses: One of the plants that Aegir the brewer likes, Ground Ivy can be used to flavor sacred ales.