The Shamanic Herbal: Heimdall's Herbs


[Angelica] (Angelica archangelica)

Names: Archangel
Medicinal Uses: The leaves are a general vitamin tonic, and are infused for indigestion and bronchial problems and put into salve for skin irritations. The roots are tinctured for bronchial infections, phlegm, digestive problems, rheumatism, or as a uterine stimulant for delayed labor. Use the tincture in a compress for rheumatic joints, or use angelica oil as a massage oil for the same issues.
Household Uses: Seeds are burned as a fragrant incense, and can be used in liqueurs - Angelica gives Benedictine its distinctive taste. The root is dried as a fixative in potpourri. The stems are sliced and candied as a winter vitamin tonic pill. Crushed leaves freshen the air in a car and help prevent carsickness; they can also be used in a relaxing bath and stewed with acidic fruits in order to reduce the sugar requirement.
Traditional Magical Uses: Used in spells of protection and exorcism. In the bath, angelica tea removes hexes and curses. During the Middle Ages, it was said that the archangel Michael had revealed it as a cure for the Black Plague.
Shamanic Magical Use: Angelica is associated with Heimdall, the guardian of the gates of Asgard, and is an excellent herb for warding magics, as long as one is doing it for honorable reasons that Heimdall would approve of.


[Cumin](Cuminum cyminum)

Names: Cumino, Cumino Aigro, Jeera
Medicinal Uses: Seeds aid digestion and are used to treat flatulence, colic, and diarrhea.
Household Uses: Use the chopped stems and seeds in spicy dishes.
Traditional Magical Uses: Cumin is put into bread to keep wood spirits from stealing it, which shows it as one of the herbs used against faery magic. It is a potent anti-theft spell; sprinkling cumin on something or hiding a pouch of it inside the item will deter thieves. It is carried at weddings to ensure fidelity - another sort of theft - and carried in general to keep your peace of mind from being stolen. It has also been used in lust potions, mixed with wine and coriander and other love herbs, again for fidelity.
Shamanic Magical Uses: One of the herbs found in the Oseberg burial, Cumin is much liked by Heimdall the guardian of Asgard. Use it to invoke his blessing on something that must not be touched or tampered with.