The Jotunbok: the Giants of the Northern Tradition


The Gods of the Northern Tradition - the religion of the ancient Norse/Germanic/Anglo-Saxon peoples - have been rediscovered in growing numbers in the past years, as have the elves and dwarves that inhabit the Nine Worlds of the Cosmic Tree along with them. However, few have written about the Giants of those worlds and the Gods who number among them-–Loki, Hela, Fenris, the World Serpent, and others-–until now. The Jotunbok–-the first book in the Northern-Tradition Shamanism series-–is a collection of the wisdom, ways and tales of the Giants and their Gods, told by those who revere and work with them. (Buy The Jotunbok at Asphodel Press.)

Selections from The Jotunbok are available on the website at Tales of the Giants.