Making The World Tree: A Northern-Tradition Sex Magic Technique

by Elizabeth Vongvisith
excerpt from Wightridden: Paths of Northern-Tradition Shamanism

kissIn the Northern Tradition, sex magic seems to be focused three different ways among three different races. Among the Aesir, the active partner (regardless of actual gender) is the primary magician, the one who is channeling and directing the energy – so if two males are performing Aesir sex magic, for instance, the ergi partner is never the primary magician. Vanir practices rely heavily on the equal interplay between partners and may include more than two people; the energy is raised and channeled by both (or all) partners. Jotun sex magic, on the other hand, requires that the receptive partner be the primary magician – so using the above example, the ergi male would be the main conduit and director of energy for the working. The differences may seem subtle to the untrained, but anyone with even minor experience in sex magic should understand them without much further explanation.

The technique called Making the World Tree can be used by anyone reasonably skilled in sex magic, regardless of whether it’s Aesir, Vanir or Jotun-style. It is not something beginners ought to attempt because it requires a certain pre-existing familiarity with the way sex magic works, and for other reasons I’ll get into later.

First of all, you’ll want to decide what the goal of the working is – elementary to even the most rank beginner though it may be, it’s even more important here because the purpose of the working determines the form that the World Tree will take when you manifest it. This is very important, so be absolutely certain that all partners involved in this working are clear on exactly what it’s meant to accomplish.

When you’ve got the purpose nailed down, you need to figure out who is going to be the primary magician, who will decide when the moment is right to manifest the Tree, although s/he may have little control over what form it takes or how long it’s there. Don’t decide lightly; this is an extremely powerful technique for which the primary magician will run the risk of a complete though usually temporary drain of all their energy reserves afterward. Actually, either Aesir or Jotun-style sex magic, in which one person is the focus and carrier of energy, works better for this technique than Vanic-style sex magic where all partners share in the responsibility.

This working can theoreticallybe done by a single solo magician. Masturbation is certainly as valid a technique for successful sex magic as partnered sex. However, one person alone may not be able to raise the requisite amount of energy to accomplish this, and it may even be dangerous to try it. I would strongly suggest you consider doing this with at least one partner and only resort to solo sex magic if you have no other option, if only for the fact that it may very well leave you severely debilitated for a time. Having at least one other person present and involved will lessen the strain considerably and also provide you with someone to help you recover afterwards.

I'm not going to go into the usual how-tos about sex magic; you should already know how to raise energy by these means if you’re going to attempt this working. Whatever you usually find useful, entertaining and erotic in order to stimulate the primary magician is appropriate. The one caveat is that no matter what activities you use to get things going and raise power, at some point before the energy reaches its height, the primary and at least one secondary partner need to get situated sitting up, genital areas pressed together or connected, or if you’re having anal sex, connected that way – the idea is to have the base energy centers (root chakras, in Eastern thought) as close as possible. If there are any others involved, they need to be as close to the primary magician as possible and touching him/her with focused intent

The primary magician has to decide when the moment is right, but when it is, you need to visualize a tree rising from the base of the spine, its roots connecting your body to your partner’s and springing more or less from both of you. Usually the moment right before climax is the time to let oneself go and allow the Tree to manifest itself as the energy of orgasm fuels its growth, so getting the primary magician off should be the focus of activity after assuming the position.

You should literally feel the power rising through your body, much as the serpent-fire (called kundalini in other traditions) rises up the spine, to emerge from the top of your head and reach beyond. At some point, you probably won’t need to keep visualizing because you’ll lose control of the vision entirely, which is what is supposed to happen. Your body becomes that of the World Tree.There is a delicate balance between controlling the experience, and allowing the Tree to manifest itself, and this may take practice, but when you get it right, you’ll know, because you won’t even have to think about it as it happens. When you’ve had enough experience, all you’ll need is intent and at the right moment in the erotic activity, the Tree will spring forth of its own accord.

The vision may last anywhere from a few seconds to five minutes or more. No matter how ecstatic you are or how good it feels, try to note the size, shape and appearance of the Tree for future reference. A rather enjoyable side effect is that if you happen to come right as the Tree appears, your orgasm will be about twenty times more intense, and may even cause you to pass out, but do the best you can to remain conscious. If your partner or partners are at all psychically sensitive or aware, they will probably also have some idea of what form the Tree takes

Don't assume that you’ll always get a mighty, aged yew or some other Yggdrasil-appropriate tree. You may get a Chinese weeping willow, a Yule tree complete with lights and baubles, or even a tree on fire. The shape and form of the Tree is as much an indicator of the success of your working as it is indicative of its purpose. Sometimes the Tree’s form takes on a divinatory aspect. Sometimes the Tree itself – the real World Tree, the one that you’ve just tapped into with your sex magic spell – will communicate something to you through this vision. Whatever happens, know that you have tapped into every one of the worlds that spins around the Tree through your working. Whatever purpose your magic was meant to serve will have immediate repercussions throughout all Nine Worlds. This is really why Making the World Tree is not a beginner’s exercise – not because the actual sex magic might be beyond the expertise of a newbie, but because few are ready to handle the consequences of this sort of working. (For that matter, few experienced magicians are ready for that, either.)

Although your partner(s) may not have as intense a vision as you, they will also be able to sense when it does and doesn’t work. The shared ecstasy of the manifestation is made even more intense if mutual climax is achieved among all participants, but the manifestation itself is pretty intense no matter what. The primary magician will be the one who actually manifests the Tree, but any and all secondary magicians and partners will feed their energy into that vision, and so all will be a part of the working in a way which may not necessarily be true for other types of sex magic. It can be a very emotionally intimate experience that may be best shared with your regular and/or trusted partners, rather than with those with whom you only occasionally practice sex magic.

The most intense form of this activity, which few of us get to practice that often, is of manifesting the World Tree with a god or goddess as one’s partner. Whether you end up being the primary or secondary participant in that kind of interaction is almost irrelevant; having sex with a deity is so intense in and of itself that using the World Tree technique might leave you utterly dazed, drained and limp as a rag doll for hours afterward, which can be dangerous. However, if a deity is going to ask you to do this, chances are S/He will also ensure that you will not be left completely debilitated, and if said deity is being horsed by a human being, whatever support staff you may have available can help you overcome the aftereffects anyway. If you are not using a human horse to have sex with the deity, the effect may be lessened…or it may give you a heart attack. It depends on the nature of the interaction, the purpose of the magic, and the deity Him/Herself.

You will know if and when you’ve “done it right” when you actually manifest the Tree – it is an amazing, overwhelming experience that cannot be faked or half-accomplished. It will blow your head open and push you to new levels of awareness that may take a long time to come down from. There’s no mistaking it. If you aren’t sure if you did it or not, the answer is no, you didn’t. Once you have mastered this technique, it both becomes easier to accomplish and more powerful and intense; use caution if you are the addictive type, as the rush of full and total connection with all the forces of the Nine Worlds coupled with a really intense orgasm is something that’s difficult for even the least driven of us to resist attempting for its own sake.