The Shamanic Herbal: Sif's Herbs


(Solidago virgaurea and odora)

Names: Blue Mountain Tea, Goldruthe, Gonea Tea, Verg D'Or
Medicinal Uses: Leaf tea is expectorant, diuretic, and mildly sedative. The herb treats kidney and bladder problems, coughs, and asthma.
Household Uses: Yields a yellow dye.
Traditional Magical Uses: Goldenrod stalks are used as divining rods to find hidden treasure. It is used in money spells and planted as a doorway protector.
Shamanic Magical Uses: This tall golden plant is much liked by Sif, Thor's tall golden-haired wife. When carried, it brings her blessing for those going into battle, that they might not forget their skills and might prevail through clear-headedness.


(Filipendula ulmaria)

Names: Queen of the Meadow, Bride of the Meadow, Bridewort, Lady of the Meadow
Medicinal Uses: Flowers have natural aspirin; drink in tea to relieve fevers and pain.
Household Uses: Flowers give an almond flavor to mead, wine, jam, and stewed fruit. Flowers yield a yellow dye, leaf and stem a blue dye, and the root a black dye.
Traditional Magical Uses: Used in love spells, and spells to keep the home peaceful.
Shamanic Magical Uses: This lovely herb is much beloved of Thor's lovely wife Sif. Use it to make offerings to her, or gain her favor.