Runic Diagnostics For Healers

runes2This diagnostic rune chart was developed by a group of spirit-workers who are also runemals. We all worked together to ask the runes what they were good for in this way, and compared results. You will not find any reference to this in any lore; it was entirely spirit-taught. We welcome commentary from folks who are beta-testing this method of diagnosis.

To use this chart for diagnosis, first pull three runes for the most important maladies. A client may complain of one problem, but may actually have another one that is related or causing the first one, or that they are unaware of. Read these runes with the parts of the listing for Associated Maladies. Then let the client tell you about their problem. If there is clearly one body part that is malfunctioning, pull out the associated rune and let them hold it for a moment, then put it back in the bag. This is similar to when a querent for a Tarot reader shuffles the deck, it gets their energy on the rune, and allows you to link into them.

Next, draw up to three runes to see what the afflicted body part is actually doing. Read these from the Action line for the runes drawn. Put them back and then draw another row of up to three runes for potential solutions to the problem, reading them from the Solution lines for the runes drawn. This can be repeated for each problem, including problems suggested by the first draw. If the body parts referred to by the first draw seem to be doing fine (after checking both with the client and with the runes), then it may be a future problem that they should merely be aware of.

PLEASE NOTE: The body part, maladies, action, and solution of a single rune are entirely independent of each other in a reading. Just because Thorn rules the nervous system and its solution is removing foreign objects does not mean that foreign objects generally have anything to do with fixing nervous system problems. The solution to Isa's joints is not always blocking them up. The different lines associated with each rune should be indicative of that rune's many layers of meaning and association, and which one applies depends on what you are asking. Don't read the whole set of associations for one rune and expect it to describe both the problem and solution, unless you actually draw the same rune for both.

Rune Chart For Diagnostic Healing

1. Fehu
Body Part: Bones and teeth.
Associated Maladies: Calcium spurs or buildup, serious overweight.
Action: Over-richness, over-fattiness, calcification, building up of matter.
Solution: Add fat, minerals, extra nutrients - make things richer.

2. Uruz
Body Part: Muscular system - all voluntary muscles
Associated Maladies: Lack of flexibility through overmuscling
Action: Strong, vital, healthy.
Solution: Exercise, power foods such as high-protein and high-carb diet.

3. Thorn
Body Part: Nervous system, all over the body.
Associated Maladies: Nervous tension, irritability, oversensitization, degenerative nervous disorders
Action: Irritated
Solution: Removal of a foreign object

4. Aesc
Body Part: Breath and respiratory system - lungs, throat, larynx.
Associated Maladies: Congestion, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis.
Action: Moving quickly, perhaps too speedy
Solution: Quicken, increase metabolism, increase oxygen

5. Raido
Body Part: The circulatory system, all those running paths, the roads of the body.
Associated Maladies: Blocked veins or arteries, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis, blood pressure.
Action: Running well.
Solution: Clear blockages of the system. Exercise, movement, getting circulation going.

6. Ken
Body Part: Hypothalamus
Associated Maladies: Infection, fever.
Action: Overheated, fevered, burning.
Solution: Sweat to remove toxins.

7. Gyfu
Body Part: Heart - the great crossroads of the body, of the circulatory system.
Associated Maladies: Heart disease.
Action: Doing well.
Solution: Rest, relaxation, giving one's health more attention and nurturing.

8. Wyn
Body Part: Eyes, vision, pineal gland.
Associated Maladies: Blindness and vision problems. SAD. Sleep cycle disturbances. Vitamin D deficiencies.
Action: Shining brightly.
Solution: More sunlight, or more regular daylight hours, or light treatment.

9. Haegl
Body Part: Brain chemistry. The "weather" of the brain.
Associated Maladies: Mental illness due to bad chemistry, possibly affecting physical responses as well. Tumors.
Action: Chaotic, troubled.
Solution: Batter problem with radical and harsh solutions - it's the only chance.

10. Nyth
Body Part: Stomach. The place that burns that which you need.
Associated Maladies: Malnutrition. Eating disorders.
Action: Crossed or stopped by a lack of something needful.
Solution: More nutritious diet, making sure to get necessary nutrients.

11. Isa
Body Part: Joints - which can slip freely like slippery ice, or freeze up.
Associated Maladies: Osteoarthritis. Paralysis.
Action: Blocked, stopped, stuck
Solution: Stop, block, prevent movement or action.

12. Jera
Body Part: The liver, the Well of Plenty, the place where nutrients are broken down and "harvested".
Associated Maladies: Liver disease. Cirrhosis. Substance abuse. Toxicity - a polluted well.
Action: Working hard, but still healthy.
Solution: Long, hard, slow work to get better. Good nourishment.

13. Eihwaz
Body Part: Skin, your body's first line of defense.
Associated Maladies: Skin diseases, skin infections, oversensitivity, rashes.
Action: Overdefending.
Solution: Help build up the body's defenses.

14. Peorth
Body Part: Neurological functions of the brain; synapses.
Associated Maladies: Seizures, tics, epilepsy, stroke, synapse interference.
Action: Being random, working intermittently
Solution: Hope for good luck; solution is out of your control.

15. Algiz
Body Part: Head, face, skull.
Associated Maladies: Tension headaches. Migraine. Sinus problems.
Action: Being overprotective or oversensitive.
Solution: Toughening, building up a resistance.

16. Sigil
Body Part: Adrenal glands.
Associated Maladies: Over or underactive adrenals, which can lower immune system.
Action: Fighting and winning.
Solution: Exercise. Possibly harsh allopathic medicine is needed.

17. Tyr
Body Part: Immune system and thymus gland.
Associated Maladies: Diseases of the immune system. Lowered immunities. Allergies.
Action: Attacking.
Solution: Do everything you can to support the immune system.

18. Beorc
Body Part: Breasts, uterus, vagina, female genitals.
Associated Maladies: Breast cysts or cancer, uterine problems, irregular bleeding, vaginitis, yeast infections, infertility. In men, problems due to failure to nurture one's self.
Action: Growth
Solution: Nurturing, nourishment, feeding. Eat as healthily as possible; do not restrict food intake. The problem needs to be babied along.

19. Ehwaz
Body Part: Arms and legs.
Associated Maladies: Overwork, overtired, working one's self too much like a tired draft horse.
Action: Moving sturdily.
Solution: Keep it moving, but slowly and gently.

20. Mannaz
Body Part: Gonads. Hormone production. Puberty.
Associated Maladies: Hormone imbalances. Intersex conditions. Menopause.
Action: Affecting many other organs or body parts.
Solution: Hormone therapy of some sort.

21. Laguz
Body Part: Kidneys and bladder.
Associated Maladies: UTI. Kidney disease.
Action: Water retention, edema, fluid swelling.
Solution: Drying things out - diuretics. Lancing infections with fluid buildup.

22. Ing
Body Part: Male genitals.
Associated Maladies: Male infertility. Erectile dysfunction. In a woman, lack of libido.
Action: Wearing itself out to compensate for the failures of other parts.
Solution: Sacrifice. The part must go.

23. Dagaz
Body Part: Cognitive functions of the brain.
Associated Maladies: Learning disorders, mental retardation, fogginess, inattention.
Action: Warming.
Solution: Warmth. Starting over.

24. Othila
Body Part: Blood, including genetics and DNA.
Associated Maladies: Blood diseases, genetic disorders.
Action: Genetically screwed up.
Solution: If the situation is genetic, treat symptoms as best you can, and study family tree for other possible problems.

25. Ac
Body Part: Spine
Associated Maladies: Spinal deformation, broken bones, slipped disc.
Action: Strong, enduring, unyielding.
Solution: Strengthen, add stamina.

26. Ear
Body part: Colon/anus.
Associated Maladies: Colitis, colon disease, hemorrhoids. General old age. Gangrene.
Action: Degradation and wear-and-tear of old age. Rotting down.
Solution: There is no solution. You cannot save this. It is dying. There is nothing you can do.

27. Ior
Body Part: Small intestines.
Associated Maladies: Gastro-intestinal disorders. Ileitis.
Action: Limited, for good or ill.
Solution: Limit, cut back, set bones, restrict movement for proper healing.

28. Os
Body Part: Ear-nose-throat system, hearing. Also thyroid gland.
Associated Maladies: Ear infections, deafness, sore throat, runny nose, colds, thyroiditis.
Action: Performing well.
Solution: Remove phlegm and other debris from the system; general cleaning.

29. Yr
Body Part: Reflexes. Hands and fingers.
Associated Maladies: Slowed reflexes, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, clumsiness.
Action: Extremely overstressed, a central problem.
Solution: Focus on the problem, don't ignore it.

30. Cweorth
Body Part: Spleen.
Associated Maladies: Infection. Inflammation. Toxin buildup.
Action: Burning, hot, fevered.
Solution: Purification, purification, purification! Detoxification with herbs and vitamins.

31. Chalc
Body Part: Pancreas. Blood sugar.
Associated Maladies: Diabetes. Hypoglycemia. Unexplained weight loss. Weight gain due to famine response or damage from dieting.
Action: Trying hard, but outcome is unclear.
Solution: Get outside aid, perhaps a specialist.

32. Stan
Body Part: Pituitary
Associated Maladies: General disorder of multiple glands.
Action: Controlling or affecting other parts.
Solution: Gain some kind of control over secretions.

33. Gar
Body Part: Hame, astral body
Associated Maladies: Any illness due to psychic problems. Lack of vital energy. Spirit attack. Shaman sickness.
Action: Being affected psychically or astrally. I feel like this ought to signify divine or spirit tinkering.
Solution: Prayer.