The Shamanic Herbal: Jormundgand's Herbs


[Willow](Salix alba)

Names: Saille, Osier, Saugh Tree, Tree of Enchantment, Witches' Aspirin
Medicinal Uses: The stem bark is the original aspirin: painkiller and fever-reducer.
Household Uses: Makes the best quality artist's charcoal. Used for fine basketry.
Traditional Magical Uses: Lunar magic and healing magic.
Shamanic Magical Uses: Willow trees are much liked by the third child of Loki and Angrboda, the great Midgard Serpent, and Jormundgand's protection can be invoked by making a talisman of willow wood with Ior, the Rune of the Serpent, on it. This charm will create clear boundaries in one's life. It is also a good charm for walkers between worlds, those who travel in liminal spaces between one thing and the next, and need not to get lost or confused as to which is what reality. As the living boundary between Midgard and the other worlds, Jormundgand can give that gift. Pour salt water over the willow charm to seal the magic.